Late Wildcat player would be very proud

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Editor:

Reason of destiny, only can define the true feeling of happiness for the Wildcatfootball team. To grow up in Cassville and watching my brother's team win game after game makes a smile come upon my face. For my brother to be in God's hand now, I know he would be beyond proud of their overwelming love for the game. John O'Hern, #53 in 1999-2000, was and always will be a true player of the game. Then and in the aferlife . . . remember boys, he might be gone but, he is always smiling down on eveyone. John O'Hern, my best friend, my blood brother, and most of all a Wildcat. (1984-2000) rest in peace. Keep up the good writing and winning boys. No matter what happens, you are always champs in the end!


William Bradley

Winfield, Kansas?