911 board should do the job right

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dear Editor:

911 service is supposed to provide emergency services to the people in our county. I heard about the 911 meeting this week. I wonder if the 911 committee forgot the reason for 911? Isn't it to get emergency help to people quickly? If the first responders see problems with farm road numbers, instead of names, shouldn't we be listening? If residents feel a road name is preferable to a long series of numbers, why, if the majority agrees, don't we do it? Having to have 100 percent agreement to get a road named is not logical. I thought, in our country, the majority ruled. I would rather have 911 done right by next year, than a sloppy job this year. I see it boiling down to saving a lives and it might be yours.


Jo Ann Ashford

Shell Knob, Missouri