Issue of Highway Y needs to be priority

Thursday, September 27, 2007

To the citizens of the Cass-ville School District and the families with students in the district:

I would ask you to think about Michael Galyen and the danger that is in a two-block area on Highway Y. As a former school bus driver for Cassville, and a parent that drove my own kids to the high school, there is no reason to have such a dangerous way for students to travel.

The street is so narrow that the mirrors on my bus were occasionally knocked out of adjustment from limbs too close to the road. Watching for students crossing the road or walking next to the road was a priority. The newspaper says that money could not become available for sidewalks or right of way. With a former senator and a representative living here in town, you would think the school board would have pushed, with the help of these politicians and law enforcement, to get this project finished.

The concern of weapons in a school is legitimate, but the cars and buses on Highway Y pose a greater threat. I ask the community to hold the school board and the city administration to more than talk. If you check in the past, you will find that other students have been struck in the same area on their way to school.


Jeff Mouser

Cassville, Missouri