SK deserves to keep historical road names

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dear Editor:

Shell Knob was originally settled in 1834. Many roads have been developed over the years, including a continued growth spurt since the creation of Table Rock Lake. Residents old and new know the areas by the historical names. Where not existing, the names have been assigned.

First Responders and the volunteer firefighters are the first to arrive at an emergency. These local residents will arrive from several locations, familiar with historical road names, not new numerical numbers, which are not in sequence with existing roads. How will we be found in an emergency?

The residents of Stone County were given their historical names and assigned in most cases a three-digit numerical address. Barry County is able to do the same. McDonald County also kept historical names and gave any unnamed roads new names and assigned numbers.

Don't allow a step backwards, which breaches our existing emergency response. A petition is now being circulated to maintain historical road names in Shell Knob.


Mary Richardson

Shell Knob, Missouri