E-911 start moved back to November

Thursday, August 30, 2007

On Aug. 27, the Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Board heard that the county-wide emergency system will not be operational in October as earlier planned.

The occupancy date for the new Barry County E-911 Operations Center has been moved from Sept. 15 to Nov. 1, which will push the emergency service's operational date closer to the end of the year.

Dalton-Killinger Con-struction, which was awarded the $1,698,000 construction bid in February, requested 18 rain days in its original agreement, said Bill Shiveley, Barry County Emergency Services Board chair. Corner and Ness Architects only scheduled 12 rain days for the construction project.

Due to the rain Barry County has received this year, construction crews are working around three weeks behind schedule. The operations center could be completed by Oct. 22, said Shiveley.

Construction crews will begin setting tiles and mudding and taping this week, said Shiveley. Most of the curbing has been installed and the fiber optic cable has been buried on-site.

Pat Leighter, E-911 director, has notified the local telephone companies and equipment providers that the occupancy date has been changed. Equipment will be installed in the new facility as quickly as possible after construction has been completed, said Leighter.

On Aug. 3, Leighter participated in a teleconference with representatives of CenturyTel and AT&T who reported that they have not received any information from MSAG. CenturyTel will accept no less than 98 percent accuracy of the data base before allowing a cut over to enhanced 911, said Leighter.

Representatives of AT&T have agreed to allow the board to install circuits and trunk lines at the operations center even if data has not been received from MSAG by November.

MSAG LLC, Inc., plans to finish distributing new addresses this weekend. Change of address cards must be collected from all residents who receive new addresses. That information will be compiled into a data base, which must be approved by the phone companies and post offices before enhanced 911 will be available in Barry County.

In new business, Georgia Wenell, Butterfield city clerk, addressed the board to discuss a mapping concern. "I thought that MSAG was going to map the City of Butterfield," said Wenell. "Although I know that we will not be required to change our street names, I was told by the post office that it will be easier if we move to a five-digit numbering system.

"While we don't mind cooperating and doing all we can to ease the process for E-911, we don't have the funding to complete the numbering change," said Wenell. "We will need some mapping of the city to change from our three-digit system to a five-digit numbering system."

Butterfield was originally mapped by the Missouri Gas Association several years ago.

"Mapping was not completed correctly and half of the city is numbered one way and the other half is numbered another way," said Wenell. "We want to make sure the city is mapped and numbered correctly so that it will not have to be done again."

Although the Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Board does not require Butterfield to change its present addresses, the local post office would prefer the city change to a five-digit numbering system because Butterfield shares its zip code with Cassville, said Wenell.

"If we provided you with a GPS map would the city be able to assign the addresses?" asked Leighter.

The Emergency Services Board will be providing GPS maps for other unincorporated communities within Barry County.

"The GPS map would be helpful," said Wenell. "The only problem is that I feel the renumbering may run into a lot of extra labor that we have not budgeted for this year."

Mike Phillips, who was hired as a GIS technician in July, said that he would be able to provide Butterfield with a GPS map but was unsure of how quickly he could complete the map.

"We can do it," said Phillips. "It is just a matter of finding the time. A lot of Barry County needs GPS."

The board assured Wenell that they would research her concern and do what they can to assist the city.

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