No one is enforcing

Thursday, August 23, 2007

CAFO's stay order

Dear Editor:

There are factory chicken houses being built near Roaring River State Park, Roaring River, Table Rock Lake and Mark Twin National Forest.

Over 60 people wrote letters to protest the building of these factories on such treasured land. The Administra-tive Hearing Commission set the dates of Jan. 7 through Jan. 11, 2008, to hear this concern.
Mark Stephenson asked for a stay of the construction until the Commission could hear from the people that have to live and visit the area. A stay hearing was conducted in Jefferson City July 18, and Administrative Hearing Commissioner John Kopp ordered a stay of the construction on July 25.

On July 25, the four shells of the buildings were up but none of the inside had been installed - insulation, lighting, waterers, feeders, cages, electricity, the bulk feed hoppers nor the generator shed, or the two sheds that will hold the used chicken litter and dead chickens and on and on.

This week it's full steam ahead for the Ozbuns. They are continuing their construction, which is in contempt of the stay order. Springfield's regional office of the DNR has given Mark several different answers. One, there wasn't a stay order (we have the letter from Commissioner Kopp stating there is a stay.) Another was the stay only applies to the buildings (I guess just the shells.) All stated they haven't even seen a copy of the stay (so how could they know what it says.)
No one is enforcing the stay order and work continues. HELP!


Beverly Sweeney

Eagle Rock, Missouri