SOLDIERS have success at Seligman

Friday, August 17, 2007

On Aug. 13, over 20 members of Serving Our Lord Diligently In Everlasting Recovery Services (SOLDIERS) addressed the Seligman City Council to discuss the future of youth night.

"Last month, we suspended youth night,"?said Mayor Duane Corn. "We wore our volunteers out over the last four and a half years that we sponsored youth nights. After the story appeared in the newspaper that we needed help to continue youth nights, Alicia Mathey called to ask how she could help."

Mathey and Phillip Morgan established the SOLDIERS organization to help support the youth night program. Through SOLDIERS, Mathey and Morgan also plan to establish several community betterment programs in Seligman.

Morgan presented the council with a list of 49 individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to support the youth night program.

"These community members have pledged their time to the youth program and community," said Morgan. "We want to bring the community back together and show the kids that we care and lead them by example.

"I want to not only bring in the kids but encourage families to come to the program," said Morgan. "In addition to the youth nights, we want to begin Bible studies, GED studies and a crisis hotline to help people."

The SOLDIERS organization would also like to establish driver's license preparation classes and resume and application assistance programs in the Seligman community.

Morgan suggested the organization sponsor youth nights on the first and third Friday of each month. The events will feature Christian bands, drawings and a street dance.

SOLDIERS members who have pledged time to the youth night program will alternate as chaperones. At each event, at least one adult will be present for each 10 youth attending, said Morgan.

The Seligman City Council budgets $150 per month for the youth night program. Funds are used to purchase refreshments for the events. Morgan has also spoken with several area restaurants that plan to donate food to support the program.

The aldermen approved Morgan's proposal. SOLDIERS will host its first youth night event at the Seligman Community Center at 6 p.m. on Aug. 31.

In new business, Corn read a letter of resignation that was submitted by Cynthia Galletly, east ward alderman. Galletly chose to resign her position due to a job change.

Corn recommended Jerry Montgomery to fill the vacant council seat. After a brief discussion, the aldermen accepted Corn's recommendation, and Joan Andrews, city clerk, swore Montgomery into office.

In other business, the Seligman City Council:

• Set the city tax rates, which will remain the same as last year.

•?Heard that the city library's book inventory continues to increase. Alderman Lisa Makela invited the community to visit the city library and museum.

• Appointed Danny Joe Hendrix to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

•?Hired David Booher as a city maintenance employee.

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