Important information

Thursday, August 2, 2007

about 911 addressing

Dear Editor:

Barry County is getting ready for a huge change, with the formation of the new E-911 addressing system. Almost everyone in the county will be receiving new addresses.

PLEASE DO NOT use these new addresses until notified to do so by Barry County 911. If you do start using them, you will have problems receiving your mail. The postmasters of the county know what a major problem converting to 911 addressing can be. We have heard stories from other counties, such as people's addresses getting changed more than once during the conversion. We have attended meetings and voiced our concerns.

When I read the July 25 article concerning the addressing packets, I was surprised. The Postal Service does NOT accept change of address cards when a county converts over to 911 addressing. County residents may not use the new addresses until the Postal Service has these new addresses in their computer database. As of yet we have no information about your new addresses, and until we do, we cannot deliver your mail to these new addresses.

The following is proper procedure for the conversion to 911. First, the 911 coordinator requests, from the Postal Service, a computerized listing of all the addresses in the county. They sign the request saying that this information will not be shared with anyone other than the 911 organization. 911 assigns the new address to your old address and sends this information to the Address Management Department in Kansas City. Then, your original address, is LAC'd to the new 911 address. This allows the Postal Service to sort both the old and new address for a period of time until you notify all correspondents of your new address.

So please, open your packets and mail the cards back to the MSAG company in the envelope provided. DO NOT begin to use or give out your new address until you are notified by the Barry County 911, and DO NOT fill out a Postal Service change of address.


Pamela Graham


Exeter, Missouri