Aurora rural fire department urges awareness

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Editor:

If you are a current paid member of the aurora rural Fire Association and have not petitioned to have fire protection from any other organization, you do not need to worry. the Aurora Rural Fire Department has not changed any of its boundaries and has not eliminated any current paid members for the exception of eight properties that have been acquired by Stone County ?Fire Protection District.

If you are approached by any individuals to sign a petition or contract regarding your fire protection, please contact the Aurora Rural Fire Department to verify or clarify the validity of the petition and the individual presenting such petition before you sign it. If a representative of the Aurora Rural Fire Department approaches you regarding fire protection, they will be clearly identified by use of their department badge that clearly states the department name. If you still are unsure, the representative will be happy to assist you in obtaining verification of who they are and whom they represent.

It is a distinct possibility that you could be acquired into a fire protection district and not have a vote or say in the matter. This can happen because according to current statutes it only takes 25 percent of voters currently in that district to incorporate territory outside of that current boundary line.

The Aurora Rural Fire Department is in the process of attempting to form a fire district that will protect you from being acquired into another district and to better serve the citizens of the rural area. As stated above, the Aurora Rural Fire Department representatives will identify themselves.

If you would like to verify your property in regards to such district you may contact the Aurora Rural Fire Department at 417-678-2733 (non-emergency number). We will be happy to assist you any way possible.


Donald D. Evans

Aurora Rural Fire Chief

Board of Directors

Aurora Rural Fire Association

Aurora Rural Firefighters.

Aurora, Missouri