Faber family offers thanks to community

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for walking with us during this tragic time in our lives. The cards, flowers, phone calls, prayers and food have been endless. Our family, friends, community, coworkers and First Baptist Church of Cassville have been gifts from God.

To the emergency staff at St. John's Hospital in Cassville, all I can say is thank you. As I reflect back to those moments in the ER, I am awe inspired by the perseverance and endurance of how you attacked John's situation. You were not only steadfast and professional with John but also nurtured my feelings and emotions, as well. God called my soul-mate home, but you were awesome.

To Fohn's Funeral Home, I must say perfect. You helped make the most dreadful period in my life bearable. Thank you.

Kudos to the United States Navy, including NOSC in Springfield, Naval Security Authority in London, comrades from San Diego, Brooklyn, Chicago and Germany, who have warmed our hearts with stories and pictures of their experiences with John. Thank you for helping us with this transition in our lives.

I can't say enough about the Missouri State Highway Patrol, our extended family. The prompt response from Colonel Keathley, Captain Beydler, Lieutenant Jones and staff upon the news of John's passing was unmatched. The perpetual support and guidance from you is heartfelt. Specific thanks to Troop D SWAT and Lieutenant Brown for helping with arrangements and for going over and above to prepare the "Bearcat" for John's procession. I know John was proud.

Special thanks to Zone 14, i.e. Sergeant Gary Horton, Corporal John Lueckenhoff, Trooper Les Wilson and Corporal Greg Curnes. Thank you for "thinking" for me during a time when my head was spinning. Thanks to you, John went to his grave "squared away." I couldn't have done it without you. Also, special thanks to Chi Chi Steele, Skip McMillan and Lisa Schlichtman for the DVDs. I have watched them over and over again. They are wonderful - thank you.

Thank you Jackie James for supplying the limo for our family and for reading the poem at John's side. It is great to have old friends near. Special thanks to John's past baseball coach, Chuck Nickle, for framing all of the photos to be displayed at John's services. It is with great regard that I acknowledge Arning Canopy, our other extended family. Your support has been and continues to be wonderful.

It is with earnest sincerity that I thank the City of Cassville and Mayor Tracy K. Holle for proclaiming "Tuesday, June 12, 2007, as a day of memorial, remembrance and celebration of the life of John Faber III in the City of Cassville, Missouri." We are honored. Thank you.

Specific thanks to Reverend John Duncan, Bob Rothrock, Scotty Rice, Mike Watson, Cort Stuart, David Kennedy, Jay Bryan, Mike Bryan and The JULIET Team for participating in our tribute to John's life. He was truly a wonderful man. All born again Christians will see him again.

With profound gratitude,

The family of John M. Faber, III

Nikki, Laci, Lane, Hali, and John Kole

Cassville, Missouri