Compost site is now closed

Friday, June 22, 2007

As of today (Wednes-day), the City of Cassville's official compost site will close permanently.

The property where the compost site was located on Farm Road 1105 behind the Assembly of God Church has been sold to the Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Board.

City residents are asked to be patient as the city prepares to open a new and larger compost site at a new location. In the meantime, city residents are asked to hold or burn their composting materials or find a legal place to dispose of them until the new compost site opens.

There will be no more compost dumping allowed at the old site.

"We will be making an announcement in upcoming weeks as to the location of the new and improved city compost site," said City Administrator Mike Hayslip.

The E-911 Board presented the Cassville City Council with an offer to relocate the existing compost site to its new location by purchasing fencing, grading the roadway leading to the site and brush hogging the new site in exchange for the old site, which is located directly behind the new E-911 facility.

The council voted unanimously at its June 5 meeting to accept the E-911 Board's offer.

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