Administrator writes letter to citizens

Friday, June 22, 2007

To the citizens of Cassville:

Recently, negative comments have been written about me by attorneys for the plaintiff in a now settled lawsuit against Missouri State University and their school of social work. These comments do not accurately represent my position in all things, and I believe they were written, and printed, to serve as a personal attack of my morals and integrity as I serve as your city administrator.
Unlike the attorneys for the plaintiff, I am not paid large sums to call people liars and to further a personal, political and religious agenda. Yet, I am a friend to one of the defendants, Dr. Frank Kauffman, and I do know without a doubt that his actions were grossly misjudged by those who are bent on "reforming" public education as we know it. Dr. Kauffman's job was to present both sides of an issue in the classroom environment --- a job which he has done, did in this case and continues to do presently.
I must point out, if he was guilty as charged by the attorneys for the plaintiff, why would he still be teaching the same courses at Missouri State to this day? In fact, this professor has been vindicated by the president of Missouri State in at least three separate and published newspaper articles.

The reality is that there is much more to this case than any attorney on the opposite side would want you to know. Yet, it is much easier to shut up a dissenting opinion by printing malicious half-truths about someone (myself) who has personally experienced these things, in the classroom environment, with significant difference.

In the end, this specific issue probably matters little to the vast majority of Cassville and Barry County. However, it needs to be stated that there is not an attorney related to this case who knows me personally and thus, is not qualified to judge me openly in the town for which I live and work. This was a personal, not professional, situation for which I became involved with no relation to the City of Cassville. Yet, certain people wanted to bring it to your attention to create an environment of doubt in my abilities to manage city business. For this, I am regretful.
I take my job very seriously as I strive to make the community of Cassville even better than when I came.


Mike Hayslip

Cassville city administrator

Cassville, Missouri