Able 2 celebrates 35th anniversary

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Able 2 Products in Cassville celebrated its 35th anniversary with plant tours and a buffet-style dinner on June 1.

"We were really pleased with the turnout of over 300 people, employees, family and invited guests," said Jerry Watley, Able 2 Products president. "We were very happy with the way the event turned out."

In honor of the milestone, Able 2 Products invited all of its employees and their family members to tour the Cassville facility before an anniversary celebration dinner. Attendees were divided into groups of around 25 in order to tour the 60,000-square-foot plant.

During the tour, attendees learned about the process used to manufacture the products that are assembled at the Cassville plant.

Able 2's SHO-ME product line includes arrow boards, arrow stick lights, flashers, outlet boxes, power supplies, sirens, spotlights, rechargeable flashlights, waterproof marine lights, strobe lights and LED lights. Many of the company's products are used by law enforcement and emergency response agencies.

"Do you know what LED stands for?"?Greg Beck, Able 2 sales manager, asked one group. "Light-emitting diode. You need to remember that, because just about everything will be using LED within the next 10 years. It will be in all of our lights and fixtures. It is the future."

Products that use around $50 of energy now will produce the same amount of light and use only around $12 of energy with LED, said Beck.

As attendees toured the plant, Beck explained how the company has improved products by miniaturizing circuit boards, which has allowed the company to decrease the size of many of its products in order to fit them into police vehicles and other small spaces.

When the company began placing circuit boards in products, an experienced individual could load around 100 circuit boards per day. The company now has a machine that loads 150 circuit boards per hour.

"This machine did not replace a single worker,"?said Beck. "In fact, it has allowed us to produce more products, which requires more employees."

Tours of the plant, administrative offices and sales offices ended in a large banquet room where employees and their families were able to socialize while enjoying the buffet-style dinner.

Able 2, which is located at 804 E. Highway 248 in Cassville, was founded in 1972 with two employees and two products. Today, the company employs over 130 individuals and manufactures and distributes over 300 different products worldwide. For more information on the company, visit

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