Thoughts of an old airman on May 28

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dear Editor:

As I was lowering the USA Flag and the POW/MIA Flag to half staff, I had some thoughts of the past. I thought of 1st Lt. William (Rocky) Edmondson departing to Da Nang Vietnam on May 31, 1066, on a mission coded "Carolina Moon." From that day he was listed as MIA, Missing in Action. As of this date, he is listed by the Air Force as "unaccounted for." He is only one of thousands of people who have died fighting for his country.

There is no USA law, which says you have to fly the United States of America Flag. There is no law that says you have to go to church, but it is hard to get a parking spot at any of our churches around Cassville on Sunday.

The Flag Code of the USA Flag states that you should fly the USA Flag and the POW/MIA flags at half staff until noon on each Memorial Day, which is one half day out of 365 days.

The wife and I took a drive on the last Memorial Day around 9:30 a.m. The business part of the City of Cassville had 22 flags not at half staff. I will not list your names, as I think you know who you are. This also included government buildings, places of business and churches.

The following is an address where you may obtain FREE information on HOW-WHERE-WHEN to fly the USA Flag, the POW/MIA flag and State flag, United States Code at POA/MIA Flag Rules and Regulations at www/ Flag policy for the State of Missouri can be found at or 573-751-3339 phone or fax 573-526-7277.


Richard "Sarge" Carney

CMSgt US Air Force (Ret.)

Cassville, Missouri