Cassville kids are falling for speed stacking sport

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cassville Primary and Intermediate School Cat Stackers build a variety of skills by participating in the speed stacking sport.

These kids are really engrossed in speed stacking, said Treslyn Pollreisz, Cassville Cat Stackers coach. They love it, and it is good for them too. It enhances eye hand coordination, bilateral coordination, eye tracking and sequencing skills.

Around six years ago, while working in the Aurora School District, Pollreisz watched a cupstacking demonstration at a state physical education convention.

Pollreisz introduced cupstacking to students at Aurora and began coaching speed stacking practices in the mornings before classes. After one year of practice, Pollreisz took the cupstacking students to the state speed stacking tournament.

Over the next four years, Pollreisz s cupstacking team participated in the state tournament and took home several speed stacking honors, including a state championship record that is still held by an Aurora student.

Around a year ago, Pollreisz accepted a position at Cassville and began coaching cupstacking in the R-IV School District. Currently, she coaches 25 speed stackers.

I think it helps me with other sports too, said Hise Williams, a Cassville Intermediate School Cat stacker. It has really helped me improve eye-hand coordination and I think that helps with basketball and baseball too.

Cassville Cat Stackers meet for speed stacking practice twice a week and perform or compete locally several times each year. The students have performed at the Cassville Senior Center, Cassville Intermediate School talent show and Cassville teachers banquet.

Students learn cupstacking techniques by watching a speed stacking DVD, watching Pollreisz and through peer coaching.

These kids work together to help each other improve their speed stacking skills, said Pollreisz. A lot of them also have cups and stack mats at home and practice there too.

Pollreisz currently coaches speed stackers in second through fifth grade, but the sport is open to individuals of all ages. Pollreisz is considering expanding the Cassville cupstacker program to include divisions for other age levels and students with disabilities.

This sport builds self esteem, said Pollreisz. The students also compete in team events and learn to work together.

Students design speed stacking routines that are set to music. Routine development helps the speed stackers develop creativity skills, said Pollreisz. Performing in front of groups also helps students develop public relations skills.

When a speed stacker group develops a stacking routine, the members perform the routine for Pollreisz, who offers suggestions for improving the routine.

We improve our skills by practicing, said Parker Skinner, a Cassville Intermediate School Cat stacker. We focus on getting a clean run, which makes us faster.

Skinner said he also experiments with speed stacking techniques in order to find the fastest way to stack a sequence or formation.

I really enjoy cupstacking, because it is fast and it is a lot of fun, said Dillon Henson, Cassville Intermediate School Cat stacker. It gives me something to do when I m bored.

The Cassville Primary and Intermediate School Cat Stackers hosted the first annual Claw and Paw Cupstacking Tournament on March 10. Several Cassville students were awarded medals at the event.

I m very excited for all of my stackers this year, said Pollreisz. This is the first cupstacking tournament that most of these students have participated in and each one did a great job. I m very proud of each one of them.

A total of 40 students from Cassville, Aurora, Skyline and Ft. Worth, Texas, participated in the Claw and Paw Cupstacking Tournament. Students competed in five different events, which included: 3-3-3; 3-6-3; cycle; 3-6-3 team relay; and cycle team relay.

Brooklyn Sizemore placed first in the cycle second and third grade division event. Skinner placed third in the 3-3-3, second in the 3-6-3 and third in the cycle fourth and fifth grade division events.

Team members Sizemore, Tori Cole, Mattie Stephenson and Molly Durrosette placed first in the 3-6-3 team relay and in the cycle team relay kindergarten through second grade division events.

Charlie Seymour, Avery Walker, Ethan Stapleton and Jesse Henry placed second in the 3-6-3 team relay and cycle team relay kindergarten through second grade division events.

Team members Levi Pollreisz, David Griffith, Zane Moore, Grace Gouvion and Dailey Creason placed second in the 3-6-3 team relay and third in the cycle team relay third through fifth grade division events.

During competitions, cupstackers stack 12 specialized cups in various sequences and formations. For more information on cupstacking visit

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