Seligman has really changed for the better

Friday, March 9, 2007

Dear Editor:

After living in the area for 20 years and seeing the growth of Benton County in Arkansas, I decided to move to Seligman 10 years ago. I have seen a lot of changes in this area.

Like every small town it has its history; a lot of people used to put the town down, but after living here, I see the good around here. Seligman has made a difference in what they have done in the past. Look what they have tried to do for the young people in town: youth nights, the new park and ball field and now the skate park. We have a new library and museum. The city holds festivals for the whole town to gather and celebrate our history and our future. These are the changes the town has made in the last six years to make this a town to be proud of.

So I ask of you, do you want this town to keep changing for the good or go back 30 years when it had a rough reputation? Well that is what is happening now, if we continue to let a group of people move into our great city and cause fear and anger by threats of violence. If we all started reporting it, maybe the word would get around that we are not going to tolerate it and they would leave.

Call city hall report it. Go to the monthly city council meeting on the second Monday of each month and take a stand for the future of Seligman and our children's safety. Let your voice be heard. March 12 is the next city council meeting.


Brenda Jermain

Seligman, Missouri