In response to last week's letter from MDA

Friday, March 2, 2007

Dear Editor:

This letter is written in response to the letter from David Drennan, executive director of the Missouri Dairy Association, titled "Agriculture is leaving Missouri behind."

For the people living in south Missouri, this is just another threat by a highly political organization. How can you compare southern Missouri with western Kansas? I don't think we want politics like this to take over our beautiful Ozarks.

I don't know where Mr. Drennan received his numbers for his article, but the following figures were taken from the reference book, "Profiles of America 200 Census." Mr. Drennan referred to western Kansas, so this is a comparison between the southern counties in Missouri and the western counties of Kansas.

The average size of Missouri counties is 687 square miles compared to 880 square miles for Kansas counties, a difference of 28 percent. The average square miles of water in Missouri counties is 10.6 compared to .3 for Kansas counties, a 3,433 percent difference. The average number of people per square mile in Missouri counties is 39.4 compared to 3.4 in Kansas counties, a difference of 1,058 percent.

If an updated present day population was available, I am sure it would continue to show more of an increase in Missouri than in Kansas.

It looks to me like southern Missouri should have politicians working to preserve our beauty, our lakes, state parks and true family farms. Let's work to promote tourism and stop the Farm Bureau and our politicians from being led around by the large poultry, hog and cattle corporations. Don't let them destroy our state with more CAFOs. Let David Drennan take his large CAFOs and all the waste and pollution that goes with it to western Kansas where the damage to the environment is minimal.


Charles Brown

Eagle Rock, Missouri