Corporate farming is not regulated

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dear Editor:

I recently read Farm Bureau's Letter to the Editor and would suggest to readers that corporate farming is not regulated. If your readers will type in CAFO or phosphorous loading, lakes, rivers and streams, they will begin to understand the reason Oklahoma is suing poultry integrators in Oklahoma and Arkansas for pollution of Oklahoma lakes.

I am from Newton County and have watched poultry operations ruin waterways and Oklahoma lakes. The Farm Bureau supports legislation to strip counties of regulatory powers and supports amnesty to illegals. With a little effort on the internet, the facts are overwhelming.

Is it really too compromising to ask of the Farm Bureau to stay farther than 150 feet away from streams, rivers and lake watersheds, tourist locations, state parks, karst geography and major highways. Arkansas poultry and Missouri DNR issues permits to pollute ask anyone taking water samples on Table Rock Lake. Oklahoma's secretary of the environment recommends to government. "Fight all attempts to steal power away from counties and local government."


Larry McIlrath

Joplin, Missouri