Writer appreciates MoDOT crew's effort

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dear Editor:

During the recent ice storm, I acquired a new appreciation for MoDOT and more specifically the crews that work on our roads. My wife and I work the midnight shift and travel Highway 76 between Cape Fair and Shell Knob.

On Saturday night while going to work, we came upon a MoDOT crew cutting limbs and trees that the ice had brought down on the road. We stopped and inquired about the road conditions ahead. Here were two men, working in the freezing rain at midnight to make our roads safe. They stopped long enough to cheerfully give us the information we needed.

Sunday night we passed them again; however, about two miles ahead a large tree had made the road impassable. We returned and informed the crew, this time one man, of the hazard. He proceeded ahead, and before we could turn around and make our way back, he had the road cleared. His name is Tim, one of the same men we had seen the night before.

So the next time you want to complain about MoDOT, think about Tim and all the other crews that work in sometimes very hazardous conditions to make our roads safe to travel.

Thanks Tim and all the road crews that work for us.


Juan Cribbs

Cape Fair, Missouri