U.S.veterans don't have free dental care

Friday, January 5, 2007

Dear Editor:

The McDonald County Newspapers of Dec. 20, 2006, reported a $446,615 grant for the Ozark Tri-County Health Care Consortium (OTC) to promote dental care for Hispanics. As most all so-called "grants" come from the federal government, I suppose this one does also. If so, this grant should be labeled "your tax."

I do not have paid dental care as a retired Marine/Navy Seal (28 years) with four tours in Vietnam, Cuban Missile Crisis, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Lebanon and a few other exotic and exciting places, even though initially in 1962, I was guaranteed this by Congress.

In these counties, I'm sure there are many military retirees whose guaranteed medical benefits have been steadily eroded over the years to the point of being almost worthless, who wish they had dental care. While at 61, I have almost perfect teeth, (maybe it was the rice paddy water), I am sure most retirees/veterans don't. I am positive our comrades-in-arms who are mentally ill and living in cardboard boxes in big cities have bad teeth.

There is a remote possibility that veterans could move to another country south of us (at night) and be welcomed with dental and health care.

Thank you,

John P. Fitts

Noel, Missouri