Letter from long lost friend was a gift

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Dear Editor:

Gwendolyn (Zilliox) Harris and I, Jewell (Hudson) Heilman, were best of friend at Cassville High School. I moved to Oregon and she moved to Oklahoma in 1940. She married a serviceman and went with him wherever he was stationed. I lived in Portland, Ore., was married and worked in the Oregon shipyards. She came to see me 63 years ago in 1943 and then we lost track of each other.

My cousin June Stumpff always invites Gwendolyn to class reunions, so Gwen asked June for my address. The surprise of my life was a long letter from Gwen, telling me of her life for 63 years. We now talk on the phone two or three times a month. A wonderful 63-year-old gift was her letter.


Jewell Hudson Heilman

Portland, Oregon