Adult stem cell research is legal

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dear Editor:

The Missouri Secretary of State has announced "your are advised that the proposed constitutional amendment may change, repeal, or modify..." 45 sections of the Missouri Constitution. No one knows what additional powers are contained in those 45 changes, which of course, can be "interpreted" by activist judges, but cannot be amended by our State Legislature.

Missouri's Amendment 2 would lock into our Missouri State Constitution a constitu-tional right to clone and kill human embryos by extracting the stem cells for the sake of science, and the taxpayers will eventually pay for it. This proposed amendment pretends to prohibit cloning by unscien-tifically defining cloning as "implant in a uterus" for the purpose of pregnancy. Yet this amendment will allow the making of a new human embryo by the same cloning process that led to Dolly the Sheep, and then kill the embryos for use in the embryonic research.

Amendment 2 creates the hyped hope that it can quickly produce cures for many diseases. In fact embryonic research has not produced any cures whatsoever, despite years of research, but has produced defects such as tumors. That's why investors are shunning this process and would-be human cloners are hungry for taxpayers funding.

On the other hand, adult stem cell research is completely legal, needs no legislation and has already produced many cures and treatments.


K. Crowe

Purdy, Missouri