Mountain Maid article was exceptional

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dear Editor:

I cannot express my feelings in regard to Lindsay Reed's lovely article on Miss Wallace, known as the Mountain Maid. It brought back so many memories of her. She was a good friend of my grandmother, Cora Belle Reitz. I was a little girl when I met Miss Wallace, and she truly had "The Gift."

Lindsay's article was the best I have ever read and more true than any of the others. Miss Wallace would walk down off of the hill to our house. Grandmother would bathe her, wash her hair and would clean clothes for her. They would have a bite to eat and visit.

My grandfather, Oscar Reitz, and my grandmother lived where the new inn is on Seligman Hill. I have so many more memories and information I could add to your article. I hope to be in Cassville in November and will try to visit the museum.

Again, thanks for much for your "special touch" for a "special lady."


Barbara Selter

Grubville, Missouri