Cassville Senior Center needs support

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dear Editor:

The Cassville Senior Center is in the midst of our annual fundraising "Walk-a-thon/ Rock-a-thon" The event took place Saturday, Oct. 7. We are still in need of community support for our operational expenses.

There is some misunderstanding regarding the Senior Citizens Service Fund tax that passed a couple years ago. The Barry County Senior Citizens Services Fund Board of Directors administers those funds. While they graciously assist senior citizens centers in the county to some extent, their main focus is helping those who need to stay in their homes. They understandably do not assist in daily operational expenses of the centers.

In 2005 the Cassville Senior Citizens Center prepared more than 55,000 meals. Roughly two-thirds of them were delivered to homes by volunteers. Deliveries are made five days a week, except holidays. Frozen meals are delivered for the weekends for those who request them. We anticipate the number will be near 60,000 this year. Many of those meals help people stay in their homes. If it were not for that, they would be in care facilities or more dependent on extended family. From an economical standpoint, it makes good sense to keep people at home. Studies indicate three people can be kept at home for what it costs one person in a care facility. Add to that the satisfaction of staying in familiar surroundings, and it makes more sense!
Thank you, caring community, for your support. The Senior Center needs the community, and the community needs the Cassville Senior Center.


Don Beeson

Board president of the Cassville Senior Center

Cassville, Missouri