Article needed on new animal ID system

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dear Editor:

My name is Casey Andrews (2006 graduate of Cassville High School). I'm currently working on a persuasive speech for college competition, and I wanted to ask you something. My topic is covering the National Animal Identification System, and part of the problem I am finding is that those who are most directly affected by the legislation are aware of it (farmers and agribusiness), but those who can change or affect it, like Congressmen and women and even everyday citizens, don't know a lot about the process. There are quite a few articles on-line about the program, and they are easy to find if one is searching for them, but it doesn't seem to me that many "average" persons are aware of it. In my speech, I am addressing this issue, and encouraging listeners to search their local media's archives for articles, and if none are found about NAIS, to encourage them to do a piece on it.

That's exactly what I'm doing. I couldn't find anything in the Democrat's archives about it, so I'm currently under the impression that one has never been done. I would strongly encourage that this topic be looked into. I won't say which stance I will be taking in my speech, but either way, I feel that the general public should have better access to legislation that will soon affect us all.


Casey Andrew