property owners should take note

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dear Editor:

I want to address the Seligman Area Rural Firefighters Association membership and the citizens of the Seligman fire district. Your fire protection is in danger of dissolving. With the cost of insurance, equipment repairs on your old worn out trucks and keep it up in general, we are in dire need of more funds. The membership dues that we receive and the fundraiser money is just not stretching far enough. We need help. We are looking for alternatives.

The SARFA Board has voted to raise the dues for 2007. The initial dues will now be $50 with the renewal set at $45. Each additional residence/business has been set at $20 with a cap set at $125. The charge for non-member fire runs is now set at $500 minimum. Each accident we work each party/vehicle will be charged a minimum of $300.

We are going to discuss becoming tax based at the annual meeting this year. It will be held at the new station, where the old MFA feed store use to be, at 2 p.m on Sunday, Oct. 15.

We feel this is more fair to the members that pay their dues every year. If we become tax based, every property owner would pay their share. Raising the dues means more pay out for our loyal membership, and the ones that don't pay will still not be paying anything.

I urge everyone that owns property to attend and be heard or at least know what is going on with your fire department. There will be four board positions voted on as well. EVERYONE NEEDS TO ATTEND THE ANNUAL MEETING.


SARFA Board of Directors

Mary Scannell, secretay

Seligman, Missouri