BC Rural Schools project is continuing

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dear Editor:

When we started the school project over a year ago, I was hopeful to get a book out by the first of the year. We do have a lot of infomation on some schools and not so much on others. Jerry Watley has been so good to us by allowing the use of the copy machine, scanning and printing school photos. The girls have helped, also, by collecting information from all of you who have helped in many ways on this Rural School of Barry County project.

We have some information on our schools in other counties, also some high schools. Whatever we get, we just make a file as this is history that someone else can use someday.

If anyone has old high school or grade school annuals they wish to donate to the museum, just drop them by Field's Photo Archives/Barry County Museum or call 847-1640. We have some old rural school books and teacher books that have been donated as well as some loaned documents to copy. We also have had some borrowed and copied on Wednesday while we talked and copied.

We are very grateful for any history or photos, on Barry County rural schools. If you are willing to share we can pass it on to future generations. Some of you, like myself, didn't know Oak Ridge, Cross Hollows and other small communities had store buildings and were booming at one time.

We must preserve this history. Please share with the museum any information.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your help.


Fran Bolton,

Vice President,

Barry County Genealogy and Historical Society