Seligman is a great place to raise a family

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dear Editor:

If you haven't been to Seligman lately, you haven't been to Seligman. During these last four years, we have laid the groundwork for expansion by improving our water and sewer system by repairing streets and by enforcing our city codes. This improved infrastructure will accommodate an additional 250 homes.

The end result is a trio of northwest Arkansas' finest builders have come to Seligman to build homes. John Tory Smith expressed to me that he saw a lot of potential across the state line in Seligman. Steve Bloxham and Ken Lazenby saw the same potential and are actively engaged in building homes in Seligman. They are selling like hot cakes.

We are proud to have these buildings in Seligman, because they build homes that pass the stringent codes of northwest Arkansas and can offer them to customers for much less.

Our population is growing the right way. Many young couples who work in northwest Arkansas have decided to drive a little and save a lot. I'm very sure by the 2010 census we will be up 40 percent.

During this same four-year time frame, we have built Elsie Corn Memorial Park, Sonny Young Field, a museum, police department, library, two large parking garages and a helicopter pad.

We have a thriving Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club who have done plenty to put us on the map.

We are also proud of the beautiful Freedom Bank on south Highway 37. It's a spectacular facility and a welcome addition to Seligman.

People have discovered what I've always known: Seligman is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, and if you will commit to us we will commit to you.

Duane Corn

Mayor of Seligman

Seligman, Missouri