George's feed mill project is on schedule

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Work on the new George's feed mill in Butterfield is progressing on schedule, according to a press release issued by the Springdale, Ark.-based company on Tuesday.

The slip form construction of a load out and feed storage structure for the new feed mill was completed in late June. According to project manager Ron Hooley, a slip form structure is a continuous pour of concrete into a form that moves one inch every five minutes from top to bottom until the structure is complete.

A second slip form project of an eight-bin grain storage structure was completed on July 30. This facility will be used to store a total of 750,000 bushels of grain.

Dirt work has been completed for the 7,600-foot rail spur, and construction on that portion of the project begins this week, according to Hooley. Construction of the receiving building is also underway.

"Even though the slip form construction is complete the project has really just begun," said Hooley.

The $16 million project still lacks roofs and hoppers on the structures, and all of the equipment needs to be installed. It is expected that the feed mill project will be completed by the fall of 2007.

The addition of a feed mill will complete George's fully integrated operation in southwest Missouri. The company's presence in Barry County began with construction of a processing plant in 1989. That facility is currently processing 1.9 million birds per week.

A truck shop and live haul facility was built in 1990, and in 2002, George's completed a hatchery across the highway from the processing plant. At full capacity, the hatchery in Butterfield is one of the world's largest.

In addition, the plant is serviced by more than 150 contract growers located in the southwest Missouri region.Younglove Construction, LLC, based in Sioux City, Iowa, is serving as general contractor on the feed mill project.

Start-up capacity of the new mill will be 10,500 tons of feed per week with expansion capabilities to 15,000 tons per week. The George's mill will initially employ 27 people and have a storage capacity of more than 700,000 bushels of grain that will be serviced by the Arkansas-Missouri Railroad line.

"We have had great support from the state of Missouri and the community over the years," said Gary George, chief executive officer of George's, Inc. "We think the Cassville area provides an excellent environment for our business to grow."

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