Mailbox vandalism must be stopped

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Dear Editor:

This is a very important letter for everyone who has a rural mailbox.

Last Wednesday night, July 26, there were over 50 mailboxes in the Exeter delivery area that were damaged or destroyed by drive-by vandals. This type of vandalism has gone on for years, however this time the vandals went all out.

In one instance, they even drove up a driveway to bash the mailbox. If these people are not held responsible for their behavior, no one's mail will be safe out on a rural route.

Many victims feel they cannot do anything about this destruction of their property and that they are the only ones victimized. You are not.

Please contact the Barry County Sheriff's office; Sergeant Cole is in charge of this case. More importantly, the Exeter Post Office is mailing out to the victims a Mail Theft and Vandalism Report. Please sign the report and return it to the Post Office in the enclosed envelope. If you do not receive a form and your box was vandalized, please request a form by calling 835-5111 or come by the Post Office.

I will be sending these completed forms to the postal inspector in Springfield, who is working the case with Sergeant Cole. The Inspector told me that there is a possibility that there will be a reward offered for anyone helping with the arrest and conviction of these vandals. Please get involved, so we can put a stop to this destruction. These vandals should have to pay for all the new boxes and install them.

We have one witness that saw a small black pickup, such as a Chevy S10 around 11 p.m. that night. If anyone noticed anything suspicious, please include this information on the vandalism report or call Sergeant Cole at 847-3121.


Pamela Graham

Exeter Postmaster

Exeter, Missouri