Soldier appreciates support from home

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dear Editor:

Hello my name is Nanette Reyes. I am in the Army National Guard out of Pierce City and am now deployed in Iraq. I am writing this letter to thank my family for supporting me throughout this ordeal. I would also like to wish my youngest son, Jacob Young, a Happy Birthday. He was born Aug. 9, 1995.

You see, my family has been so courageous and supportive. I know they must miss me dearly and they want me home, but they have never onced complained or whined about it. They just continue to encourage me and reassure me that they are doing just great.

Thanks also to Rex Keith Davidson, my fiancee, for stepping up to the plate and holding down the homefront. My children are very blessed to have him as their guardian while I am gone.

I'd also like to thank the TLC group out of Shell Knob for all the packages that they have sent to the troops here with me. I also appreciate Cassville School and all the children there that have written me letters.

I just want to publicly recognize all of these people for their support of all of the troops and to let them know that we appreciate everything they do. We are honored to serve our country and having support like I have had from home has made it that much more meaningful.

Thank you,

Nanette Reyes