Farewell to a first class ag advisor

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dear Editor:

As we welcome Cassville's new ag advisor; Ms. Charli Jo Epperly, and look forward to a new year with her, we could not let Mr. David Bolton's resig-nation pass without honoring him. The love and gratitude we have for all he sacrificed for us and the Cassville ag program is immense.

Our ag program at Cassville has swelled to well over 100 members and growing under the leadership of Mr. Bolton. If you consider all the extra Curricular activities that compete for a high school student's time at Cassville, you'll know that any organization here with that many members must have a lot going for it, and we do, thanks in large part to Mr. Bolton.

Mr. Bolton is much more than a teacher, he cares about each one of us on a personal level, no matter who we are or who our parents may or may not be. We can go to him with any problem anytime of the day or night, and he is there, with unconditional care and concern. He always has sound advice our parents would be proud of and appreciate because it always follows the highest moral values. You can't beat that kind of relationship for students in high school who sometimes need that parental type of guidance and advice from someone who is not their parent.

Mr. Bolton has impacted hundreds of young people's lives over these past seven years. There are many students who would have fallen through the cracks and chosen a much different and destructive path for their lives if it weren't for Mr. Bolton's taking them under his wing and giving them sound advice, a caring hand and a stern talk when needed. He has taught us life lessons, decision-making skills, the value of a hard day's work, loyalty, and unconditional love and respect.

His day started many times way before any of us rolled out of bed, driving a school bus at the crack of dawn. He would then spend the next seven hours teaching a sometimes rowdy bunch of high schoolers (you may find that hard to believe) before making his way back to the bus barn for yet another couple hours driving and refereeing kids on a bus route. If you think that was the end of his day, think again, not even close.

If he wasn't practicing endless hours with one of our many ag teams, dragging us somewhere for our many competitions and activities, or getting in a deliver of at least a bazillion oranges from fruit sales, he was helping us with one of our many world-stopping problems (which if you have ever known a teenager, you know we are capable of having several of those a day). He worked and sacrificed for us 24/7. He is one of the hardest working men we'll ever have the fortune of meeting.

So Mr. Bolton, if you read this, we love you and thank you more than words can say, and we want you to know we value everything you taught us, they will never be forgotten, you will never be forgotten. We keep part of you with us as you go; we hope you take a little piece of each of us with you also.

All our gratitude and love,

Your Cassville Aggies

(past and present)

Cassville, Missouri