R-IV Board awards bid for addition

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On May 11, the Cassville R-IV School Board voted to approve a $937,000 bid from Branco Enterprises for construction of a high school addition and alterations project.

Branco was the lowest of five bidders who submitted general contractor proposals for the project, which was approved by district voters in April. Other bids were: $945,000 from R.E. Smith; $1,005,000 from Powers Construction; $1,080,000 from Sides Construction; and $1,327,000 from Dalton-Killinger.

The board also awarded bids to Ron Miller Hardware in the amount of $18,125, S & W Cabinets in the amount of $70,179, and Bill Welch & Associates in the amount of $13,033.

When completed, this project will add 9,515-square-feet to the south end of the existing high school building. The addition will house additional classrooms, a science laboratory area, additional restroom facilities, additional storage and a south hallway connecting the east and west academic hallways.

According to Superin-tendent Jim Orrell, bids on the high school addition came in lower than the architect's estimate. The general contrac-tor's bid was $15,000 below the estimate and the overall bid was also approximately $13,000 below the projected cost.

"On a project this size, those bids were actually very close to what the architect predicted in December of 2005," said Orrell.

"We are in the contract-signing phase now and hope to have that completed this week," added Orrell. "The contractor has 180 days from the time the contract is signed to complete the project, so within a month, we should start to see some dirt moved."

Voters also approved construction of a vocational addition at the high school and construction of a new intermediate school building for third and fourth grades.

The district is currently advertising for bids on the vocational addition. Those bids will be opened by the school board on June 22. If the bids come close to the architect's estimate of $1,207,000, construction on that project could begin in July.

Orrell said he expects the board to go out for bids on the intermediate school project within the next two to three months.

As construction projects are completed, Orrell said the district will begin utilizing the new space as soon as it's available.

In other business conducted at the May meeting, the R-IV School Board:

- Accepted the resignations of Cheryl Smith and Patricia Rhoads.

- Voted to pay full-time employees' health insurance premiums for the Premier PPO Plan and allow employees to buy up to the HMO Plan for themselves and their dependents.

- Approved the 2006-07 capital expenditures plan totalling $545,500, which includes the following projects: $26,000, paving and sealing parking lots; $30,000, cooling unit at the high school; $125,000, bus replacement; $30,000, furniture $85,000, technology; $15,000, mainte-nance van; $4,000, lockers; $14,000, music equipment; $21,000, roof project; $15,000, food service equipment; $7,500, athletic equipment; $68,000, instructional equipment; $55,000, lease and fees; $20,000, other support equipment; $15,000, security equipment; and $15,000, miscellaneous.

- Voted to update the district's graduation require-ments to meet the new state standards effective with the 2006-07 freshman class. Under new state guidelines, required math and science credits will increase from 2 to 3 credits and all schools will be required to add a half-credit of personal finance. The overall credit hours for graduation are unchanged. The state requires 24 credits for graduation, and Cassville requires 25.

- Voted to employ Stephanie Marple as a Title 1 teacher, Mike Driskell as the middle school band director, Kyle Wood as a high school history teacher, Kevin Miller as a high school special education teacher, Treslyn Pollreisz as the elementary physical education teacher and Errick Fuchs (Fox) as a network administrator.

R-IV board members in attendance at the May 11 meeting were John Sullivan, Greg Allen, David Haddock and Danny Buchanan.

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