My graduation advice

Thursday, May 18, 2006

In honor of all spring graduates, I have compiled my own list of advice for living life after graduation. And here it is . . .

• Acquire an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This quest will lead you on a truly excellent adventure.

• Search for a career that you love and you'll never work a day in your life.

• Replace fear with faith. Realize that life is full of infinite possibilities and often obstacles. These challenges, placed in God's hands, become tools for growth and stepping stones for future success.

• Embrace diversity. Learn about other cultures and expand your world view.

• Ask questions and then search for your own answers.

• Resist the urge to travel home every weekend. Experience all college life has to offer. Get involved with organizations that interest you and put you in contact with others who share your own interests.

• Start each day by counting your blessings and then be a blessing to someone else.

• Travel to faraway places. Spend a semester abroad or sign up to attend a work-related seminar.

• Stand up for what you believe and don't be afraid to voice your opinion.

• Laugh, and laugh often. Make sure your sense of humor is in good working order.

• Take time for yourself. In the busyness that comes with college life or a new job, don't forget to save some time to stay in touch with who you are.

• Put God first in your life and trust in Him to guide you down the right path. God put you on this earth for a purpose, and by pursuing Him and His purpose, you will discover true peace and prosperity.

• Don't lose your sense of wonder. Stop and marvel at the beauty of an early morning sunrise or take your shoes off and wade in a creek, or maybe a fountain.

• Forgive and forget. Unforgiveness is a poison to the soul and by holding onto it you hold yourself hostage. Let go and learn to make amends when needed. In this way, you'll live with no regrets and you'll travel light with limited baggage.

• Love others as you would like to be loved.

• Focus on the needs of others when you're tempted to wallow in your own misfortunes. You can always find someone worse off than you who could benefit from an encouraging word or kind gesture.

• Dare to dream big dreams and don't rest until you have achieved them. Focus on the "I Cans" and eliminate "I Can't" from your vocabulary.

• Believe in yourself and spend time finding the gifts and abilities God gave you. He has a plan for your life and it's more awesome than you could ever imagine.