Area athletes fare well at Ozark 7 meet

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Ozark 7 Conference track meet was held May 2 at Thomas Jefferson High School with McAuley Catholic, Southwest, Thomas Jefferson, Wheaton Verona and Purdy competing.

McAuley won both the girls and boys' team titles. The Southwest boys finished second overall and the girls placed fourth. Wheaton runners finished third in the boys' competition and third in the girls. Purdy boys were fifth and the girls were sixth.

Southwest's Glen Buttrum continue to dominate the distance events, bringing home gold in the 800 (2:13.35), 1,600 (5:08.08) and 3,200-meter runs (11:42.2).

Chris Musick of Wheaton was a gold medalist in the high jump, clearing 5'8", and Southwest's Codie Harmon also finished first in the long jump with a leap of 18'8".

Other area boys who were among the Ozark 7's top finishers were:

• Toua Kiatakaysy of Wheaton: second, high jump; fifth, 100-meter run; and fifth, 200-meter run.

• Randy Burns of Southwest: third place, high jump; third place, triple jump; and fourth place, long jump.

• Harmon of Southwest: second, triple jump.

• Michael Wallace of Wheaton: sixth, discus; fourth, 400-meter run; and fifth, high jump.

• Eddie Casas of Wheaton: fifth, shot put.

• Sean Crane of Wheaton: sixth, triple jump; fourth, 1,600-meter run; fifth, 800-meter run; and fifth, 3,200-meter run.

• Musick of Wheaton: fifth, long jump.

• Choua Moua of Wheaton: second, 110 hurdles; and sixth, 400-meter run.

• Famous Yang of Wheaton: second, 100-meter run; and fourth, 300 hurdles.

• Xia Chang of Wheaton: fourth, 100-meter run; and fourth, 200-meter run.

• Logan Pendergraft of Southwest: third, 1,600-meter run; and second, 3,200-meter run.

• Brian Alden of Purdy: fifth, 1,600-meter run; and sixth, 800-meter run.

• Kyle Buttrum: sixth, 1,600-meter run; and sixth, 3,200-meter run.

• Caleb Mitchell of Southwest: second, 400-meter run; and second, 300 hurdles.

• Phillip Prim of Southwest: fifth, 400-meter run; and sixth, 200-meter run.

• Dustin Breedlove of Southwest: second, 800-meter run.

• Luke Hackett of Southwest: third, 200-meter run; and third, 800-meter run.

Relay team finishes were as follows: Southwest 3,200-meter relay, first; Wheaton 800-meter relay, first; Wheaton 800-meter relay, first; Southwest 800-meter relay, second; Wheaton 400-meter relay, first; Southwest 400-meter relay, fourth; and Southwest 1,600-meter relay, second.

Girls results

Wheaton's Carlie Senseney and Southwest's Charlotte Buttrum were the only Barry County girl athletes to earn a gold medals in the conference meet.

Senseney placed first in the high jump by clearing 4'8". She also finished fourth in the long jump and second in the 100-meter run. Buttrum took first place honors in the 3,200-meter run and placed third in the 1,600-meter run.

Other top finishes among area track and field athletes were:

• Heather Goostree of Wheaton: second, shot put; fourth, discus; and sixth, 100-meter run.

• Jennifer Wolf of Wheaton: fifth, shot put; and sixth, discus.

• Jessica Laughary of Wheaton: fifth, long jump; and second place tie, high jump.

• Haley Goostree of Wheaton: sixth, long jump; and fifth, 400-meter run.

• Jessica Russell of Wheaton: second place tie, high jump.

• Jamie Crane of Wheaton: fifth, discus.

• Jessica Mitchell of Southwest: third, triple jump; and third, 400-meter run.

• Brittany Peters of Wheaton: fifth, 110 hurdles; sixth, 1,600-meter run; and fourth, 300 hurdles.

• Tammy Tiles of Purdy: second, 1,600-meter run; and fourth, 400-meter run.

• Alex Dusseau: fourth, 1,600-meter run; and third, 800-meter run.

• Katrina Harmon of Southwest: fifth, 1,600-meter run; and second, 3,200-meter run.

• Chelsey Ridenour of Wheaton: sixth, 400-meter run; and fifth, 200-meter run.

• Lacy Russell of Wheaton: fifth, 800-meter run;

• Vanessa Nelson of Wheaton: third, 200-meter run: and fourth, triple jump.

Relay team finishes were as follows: Southwest 3,200-meter relay, second; Wheaton 3,200-meter relay, third; Wheaton 800-meter relay, second; Southwest 1,600-meter relay, third; and Wheaton 1,600-meter relay, fourth.

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