E-911 board hires architect

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Advisory Board voted to employ architect Doug Corner, of Corner and Associates, of Webb City, during its regularly scheduled meeting on May 8.

"We decided to go with Doug Corner of Webb City because he is only charging 6 percent, opposed to PB2 (of Rogers, Ark.) charging 15 percent," said Bob Lombard, who is a member of the E-911 special building committee.

The building committee was concerned with Creative Building Design, Inc., architect Mark Welytok's presentation because Welytok works alone and subcontracts many duties to other companies.

"Corner had more of a staff behind him," said Harold Schelin, E-911 acting board chairman.

Corner and Associates designed the 911 facility in Carthage and the Cassville Branch Library.

During his presentation to the board in April, Corner said he would work with the board to determine both architectural and budgetary needs. He also stays in contact with his clients after a project is completed.

Although the building committee will continue to meet as often as needed, the E-911 board voted to change its regularly scheduled meeting time to the fourth Monday of each month.

"I think we will be more productive if we have more time between meetings," said Kelli Banks, E-911 board member. "Right now it seems like we are coming here to say it's still not done yet or that we're waiting on it."

Schelin suggested that the board schedule the meetings later in the month so that current bank statements and other financial records will be available at the meeting.

Schelin presented a list of dates that the Monett 911 board gave Bill Shiveley, board chairman, prior to the meeting.

After reviewing the list, the Barry County E-911 board determined that the full board would not be available for any of the provided dates. The board will discuss a new list of possible dates at its next meeting.

In other business, the Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Advisory Board:

- Heard the director's report.

- Decided to send requests for proposals to AT&T and CenturyTel.

- Discussed GeoComm's request for a copy of all of MSAG's proposal documents.

- Tabled the discussion on hiring a part-time bookkeeper.

The next Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Advisory Board meeting will be held on May 22 in the Barry Electric community room.

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