Charges dropped against couple from Seligman

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Felony charges filed against a Seligman couple have been dismissed, according to Barry County Prosecutor Johnnie Cox.

Cynthia Galletly, 41, and Larry Galletly, 61, were charged with receiving stolen property on Jan. 30 after the Missouri State Highway Patrol executed a search warrant at their business, Recollections Flea Market in Seligman. The pair were accused of selling approximately $100,000 worth of computers and electronics equipment allegedly stolen from Larry Galletly's employer in Bentonville, Ark.

In a written statement released on Tuesday, Cox explained that further investi-gation into the case by his office uncovered "inconsistencies on the part of the alleged victim, Symbol Technologies, Inc." This company has a branch office in Bentonville, Ark., but is based in Holtsville, N.Y.

The initial investigation, conducted by a private firm and the Highway Patrol, indicated that Larry Galletly was taking computer-related equipment belonging to Symbol Technologies, his employer, and reselling and repairing the items without the company's permission.

Based on the findings of this investigation, a search warrant was executed at the Galletlys' flea market and subsequent charges of receiving stolen property were filed by Cox.

"After further investigation . . . it appears that there are significant questions about whether Mr. Galletly did not have permission to take the items discovered during the search warrant," said Cox. "This recent information has revealed that there are differing accounts from Symbol employees regarding several issues."

Among the issues, according to Cox, is that Larry Galletly may have had permission from fellow emplo-yees to take items that were considered "scrap." Cox also noted that company employees in New York and Arkansas may have differing definitions of what is considered scrap or unwanted material.

Cox also said at issue was whether Larry Galletly put some items to use in ways not authorized by the company, rather than destroy the items once they were removed from his place of employment.

"Based on information that has been revealed and the inconsistencies therein, the appropriate action is to dismiss the charges against both Larry and Cynthia Galletly," said Cox. "It is unfortunate that the Galletlys have been put through this ordeal and regretful that this information was not discovered earlier in the investigation so this situation could have been avoided."

Cynthia Galletly's arrest also made headlines, because she was serving as a member of the Seligman City Council at the time. On April 4, she was re-elected to another term of office.

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