Letter to the Editor

Wilma Hall's death impacted the Center

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dear Editor:

Who can step up to the plate and help? I am the senior center administrator for the Cassville Senior Center and I love my job and believe in what the senior services that I am able to be involved in and to be part of so many seniors' lives, which brings me to the purpose of this letter... On April 10, 2006, Wilma L. Hall, 75, of Cassville, died in an auto accident. Her sudden death put the Center, and other establishments where she volunteered, in a state of shock and sorrow.

She was an amazing woman in what she gave to us at the Cassville Senior Center, and everyday without her deeply saddens us. I recall Wilma giving a testimony on how important the Center was to her when her husband had passed away and how getting involved volunteering, the fellowship and participating in the various fundraisers kept her busy and in contact with people.

Wednesday is well known at the Center to be oven-fried chicken day and the Center usually has a crowd at times of about 75 to 100 people attending lunch. I entirely do not agree it totally was the chicken that has brought the people to the Center, let me tell you why. Every Wednesday, Wilma played the piano and did sing-alongs with anyone that could pull a chair around the piano and participate! I sat in my office at times and just listened and there would be no conversation among the crowd. Everyone would be listening to the singing. The entire congregate crowd would be enchanted by her. The Center each day is thankful for all the days Wilma touched our lives, and I feel she is singing in heaven and she would want someone to step up to her plate.

Who can step up to the plate and help with ANY of the following...piano player, singing, deliver meals, decorating, wrap silverware, help with fundraisers, welcome greeter, fellowship and friendship. We need you!

I am thankful for Wilma being a huge part of Cassville Senior Center in her volunteer service and know she single-handedly helped make a large impact of where it is today and to open my eyes to what is important. Can we all ask ourselves are we making a difference?

Linda Parker

Cassville Senior Center

Cassville, Missouri