County road tax extended

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Barry County's half-cent sales tax for roads and bridges will be extended for another five years thanks to a four-to-one vote in favor of the issue, which appeared on Tuesday's ballot.

A total of 3,667 voters supported renewal of the tax and only 821 voted against it. The tax generates approximately $1.6 million annually. This money is distributed among the county's 25 special road district and one common road district.

Washburn voters also looked favorably upon an election issue that will allow the city to move forward with a $1.6 million bond issue to improve and expand the city's existing water and sewer system.

The bond issue earned 76 "yes" votes and 32 "no" votes, passing by a greater than two-to-one margin.

In addition to these ballot issues, area voters elected individuals to serve as city aldermen. Contested city races are elected below.

• Cassville: The race for north ward alderman between incumbent Gary Whyte and Blaine Brock resulted in a tie with 88 votes cast for each candidate. The tie can be broken with a coin toss, if both candidates agree, or another election to decide the race will be held. In the contest for south ward alderman, Herb Primrose received 171 votes to Jan Enloe's 106.

• Butterfield: Citizens of Butterfield have elected their first mayor and city council. Tony Cope, facing no opposition, was elected as mayor. Carrol Hayes and Gary Florer become the city's first east ward aldermen. In a three-person race for two west ward aldermen seats, Frances Hobbs (19 votes) and Rowena Higgs (18 votes) beat out Francis Mathis (13 votes).

• Seligman: Incumbent Cynthia Galletly received 19 votes as did a write-in candidate. At presstime, the name of the write-in was not available.

• In Wheaton, Nancy Rosentretter was elected west ward alderman, collecting 27 votes to Ryan Henderson's 22 and J.P. Hickman's 9.

A complete listing of election results, including road district, village board and fire district races, appears on page 21 of this week's Democrat.

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