Athletes honored by Big 8 for academics

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cassville High School has released a long list of student-athletes who were named to the All-Big 8 Academic first and second teams for the 2005 fall and 2005-06 winter sports seasons.

Honored students are listed below by sport and activity. CHS Athletic Director Terry Jamieson made the honor list public this past week.

Girls basketball

First team: Julie Cupps, Brittany Gatley, Jessie Gripka, Ron'L Hoff, Megan Hopper, Gabby LeCompte, Abby Munoz, Brittany Vollenweider, Jodi Woolhiser, Kyra Asbury, Jessica Meadows and Ariel Oswald.

Second team: Brittany Wilbanks, Dakota Bowman and Layne Rose.


First team: Lindsay Breedlove, Tricia Brown, Josh Gauss, Savannah Harris, Kyleigh Houston, Misty Huckabey, Lindy Paul, Abby Quinn and Kindra Williamson.

Second team: Courtney Abramovitz, Cricket Miller and Natalie Ward.

Cross country

First team: Tia Baker, Courtney Beagle, Randy Connella, Ron'L Hoff, Kelly Walsh and Gabby LeCompte.

Second team: Alex Barker, Brittany Wilbanks and Chris Born.

Boys basketball

First team: Caleb Beuterbaugh, Kyle Bishop, Brett Buchanan, Jody Cavness, Scott Fitzpatrick, Vinee McCracken, Jake Nolan and Tim Orell.

Second team: Marc Dumpff and Cody Ricklefs.


First team: Matt Boles, Jared Bouzek, Jason Bromley, Justin Burden, Clay Craig, Scott Fitzpatrick, Cory Lebow, Brandon McCullough, Ryan Newman, Tim Orrell, Nick Schlichtman, Mitchell Alcala, Jon Haney and Jake Nolan.

Second team: Phillip Cooper, Nick Pianalto, Cody Ricklefs, Ryan Rowley and Andrew Oden.


First team: Amber Bowman, Tracy Dolis, Brittney Gatley, Jessie Gripka, Gabby LeCompte, Corie Stubbs, Brittany Vollenweider, Tia Baker, Anna Rashe, Jodi Woolhiser and Morgan Still.


First team: Kurt Baker, Brandon Banks, Jason Bromley, Adam Brown, Brett Buchanan, Jeremiah Harris, Spencer Lynch, Kyle Mills, Amit Patel and Nick Schlichtman.

Second team: Dale Henbest, Hector Valenzuela and Erick Villalpando.


First team: Chelsea Corn, Rashell Dorris, Megan Hopper, Misty Huckabey, Destiny Massey, Holley Skinner, Kyra Asbury, Kelsey Henry, Karen Shilling and Whitley Willard.

Knowledge Bowl

First team: Adam Brown, Jacqueline Brown, Jacob Roller and Ashley Webb.

Second team: Rachael Fletcher and Chris Born.

Speech and debate

First team: Casey Andrews, Rebekah Crawford, Josh Gauss, Jessica Lambert, Kelsey Stewart, Kelly Walsh, Alana Wright, Misty Huckabey and Sarah Bacon.

Second team: Felicia Oyer, Layne Rose and Natalie Ward.

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