Letter to the Editor

Reader responds to Duane Corn's letter

Thursday, March 30, 2006

To Duane Corn: To my knowledge you have not been to one school board meeting. How can you support someone when you don't have a clue as to what is going on?

The people that do attend these meetings have heard Judy Friend's little speech more than once. She has not done the right things for the kids, and she has not done what she promised to do. She is going to resign. So far she has not kept that promise either.

Mr. Corn, you are right about one thing. We do feel threatened by Judy. In the year that she has been on the board we have lost Mr. Asbill, Ms. Enyart and almost Ms. Randall. Three great people that our school can't afford to lose.

Mr. Corn do you want three board members and a few teachers to destroy our school? You can't destroy a school in one place and get it moved to a new location. When you destroy it, there is nothing to move.

Do you suppose some of these votes came from material that was sent to voters, that was unethical, maybe illegal? You can't make up names that paid for your political ad. Judy has very little support when 100 people attend a board meeting and she has less than 10 people supporting her.

It is time for her to keep her word. This election malarkey and half truth is not going to work. We have had some great women on our school board. Most people would love to have them back. These women represented our district with respect and dignity, something we have not seen in the last year. These women weren't controlled by a few unhappy teachers.

When you vote April 4th make sure the person you vote for has integrity, and want nothing except what is best for our kids.


Billie J. Brown

Seligman, Missouri