Letter to the Editor

Proposition is about two students

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dear Editor: We have lived at Route 5 in Cassville for 20 years. Just recently it has been brought to our attention that although we live on the line between the Cassville and Exeter school districts and our two children have attended Cassville R-IV from kindergarten and our oldest will start high school next year, they now tell us that we live in the Exeter School District.

We moved to Cassville in 1985 and registered to vote in 1988. At that time we were asked where we live and were placed in the Cassville R-IV voting district. We also have paid Cassville taxes for the last 20 years.

On the ballot is our proposition to remove our property from Exeter School District and place it in the Cassville School District. This will only be a small amount of land and will only affect two students.

We respectfully ask Cassville and Exeter to understand our position and vote YES on the change.

I'm sure that Exeter, its board and facility, make up a fine school district. It's not about the schools; it is about continuing the education of two students in the surroundings that they have become accustomed to.

Thank you,

Bruce R. Holt

Cassville, Missouri