Students score big in cupstacking event

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Levi Pollreisz, of Cassville, and four Aurora students attended the Missouri State Cupstacking Tournament in Blue Springs on March 11.

"I'm very excited for all of my stackers this year," said coach Treslyn Pollreisz. "Not only did everyone walk away with medals and ribbons, but more importantly we worked together as a team and showed great sportsmanship toward the other participants."

Over 250 Missouri students in grades kindergarten through 12th competed in the Missouri State Cupstacking Tournament. The local cupstacking team included: Pollreisz, who is a third grade student at Cassville Intermediate School, and Courtney Thrasher, Audrey Perrin, Baylee Hilton and Devon Hilton, of Aurora. The top 10 stackers in each division competed in the finals.

Local team members were honored with the following cupstacking awards: Levi Pollreisz, cycle relay, second, 3-3-3, sixth, 3-6-3, ninth, and cycle, sixth; Devon Hilton, 3-6-3 relay, first, 3-6-3, second, 3-3-3, sixth, and cycle, sixth; Thrasher, cycle relay, second, and 3-6-3, 10th; Baylee Hilton, cycle relay, second, 3-3-3, third, and 3-6-3, sixth; and Perrin, cycle relay, second.

"A big thank you to the parents of these students for their time and efforts," said Treslyn Pollreisz.

Cupstacking uses 12 specialized cups that are stacked in various sequences and formations during a timed trial. Many area school physical education programs have began incorporating cupstacking acti-vities into teaching curriculums, said Treslyn Pollreisz.

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