Letter to the Editor

Area resident voices prochoice opinion

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dear Editor: I am prochoice. I have been since I left the hospital bedside of a dead young female who had been admitted because of a back alley abortion procedure. This was in southeast Kansas in the 1940s.

Fast forward to 1991 in Wichita, Kan. I am working with prochoice at the Tiller Clinic. Some of the antiabortion terrorists threaten myself and my daughters. I have allowed this threatening and intimidating behavior to control me too long. Also my living is not threatened, because I am no longer working in a Catholic hospital.

South Dakota passed a bill that criminalizes a pregnant female and the doctor if she seeks an abortion. The authority to prevent control of her childbearing is not accompanied by the responsibility of caring for this product of conception.

I do not advocate mandatory abortions as our favored trading nation China does. I ask each person to think carefully before they impose their own belief by law that a pregnant female does not know if she really wants that child. To criminalize the miracle of conception and delivery of a well child and mother is a sin.


Lucy Ann White

Eagle Rock, Missour