Letter to the Editor

Don't stand by and let the forest be sold

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Dear Editor: Thank you for printing my recent letter concerning the proposed selling of 21,566 acres of Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest. Thanks also to the scores of people that have contacted me voicing their opposition to the sale of even one acre of our National Forest.

It's important for everyone who opposes this short-sightedness to make their opinions known. The Forest Service is seeking public comments from now until March 30 concerning this proposal.

E-mail comments to SRS_Land_Sales@fs.fed.us; fax comments to 202-205-1604; or mail comments to USDA Forest Service, SRS Comments, Lands 4S, 1400 Independence Ave, SW mailstop 1124, Washington, DC 20250-0003. Comments can also be called in to Charlotte Wigens at 573-341-7405.

I also suggest you call Senator Bond at 417-864-8258, Senator Talent at 417-831-2735, Representative Blunt at 417-889-1800 and our State Repre-sentative David Sater at 417-847-4661.

Silence gives consent. Don't stand by and allow our forest to be sold.

Duane Corn

Seligman, Missouri