Thank you, Kati

Thursday, February 23, 2006

On March 1, the City of Cassville will find itself without the leadership of Kati Rose, who has served as city administrator for the past four years. Kati has resigned her post at the city to manage her family's business interests and spend more time with family, two very noble pursuits.

I have had the pleasure of working with Kati over the past seven years. Before being named city administrator, Kati served as parks and recreation director and city clerk. In all three positions, Kati proved herself very capable and was among the most dedicated of city employees. I have watched as Kati has pursued educational opportunities to enhance her knowledge of city management, and I have seen her grow more and more confident in her leadership role. Many may not know the long hours that Kati has spent on city business and the times when she missed one of her son's or daughter's games because of a city council meeting.

One of Kati's best qualities was her ability to foster team work among city employees. She provided the city and its workers with much needed stability during a time of transition for Cassville. She worked hard to restore fiscal soundness by finding ways to control spending without weakening the city's ability to provide services to its residents. City workers have functioned like a team under Kati's guidance.

Once city finances were righted, Kati worked closely with the Cassville City Council, the mayor and employees to create a viable long-range plan for the city and managed to get several major projects completed during her tenure. Some of these included expansion and upgrading of the city's wastewater treatment plant and creation of two Neighborhood Improvement Districts that will finance construction of sewer projects to serve a pair of subdivisions and ensure future growth. The city was also able to construct a new water system for Sherwood Forest under Kati's lead.

I believe Kati to be well respected by employees, city aldermen and the mayor, all of whom she worked closely with on various projects to earn their support. Serving as city administrator is a high pressure position that often placed Kati in the middle of controversy. Kati always handled these situations with grace and professionalism and I watched her become more and more comfortable with her position of authority.

Above all, Kati dedicated herself to the City of Cassville . Although she held the city's highest position of employment, she conducted herself as just one of the gang. It was not uncommon to see Kati filling in at the pool during peak times, working the finish line at the July Fourth triathalon or staying up all night at a Youth Advisory Board lock-in.

I will miss Kati greatly and feel that the residents of the City of Cassville owe her a big "thank you" for her service to our city.