Letter to the Editor

Please pray for the R-V School District

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dear reader:

As a role model to the students of the Southwest R-V School District, I feel compelled to compose this editorial. Having graduated in 1999, I am not all that far removed from what school life is like. Also, as a youth pastor in the Washburn community, I try to stay connected to the lives of our students.

I remember a time when the Southwest R-V School Board was a unified body that truly and deeply cared for its students. I remember a time when personal agendas didn't run rampant through board meetings, when the betterment of every student's education was the goal. Well, those "good old days" are long gone. Brenda Treadwell, Dale Rose, Denny Fletcher, Leon Paul, Ronnie Phillips, Robert Shockley, Albert Perndergraft, Robert Paul; all names of selfless people who REALLY CARED about the entire student body, not just their own children. There are many more names of great people, some of which still serve on the board, who have this selfless attitude.

I am concerned about our students. For them to be subjected to such a complete lack of ethics and human dignity worries me greatly. To think that our students may actually look up to these people, people whose only apparent motivation is to get people to resign or fire them, frightens me.

As I close, I urge every parent, grandparent or legal guardian to be someone our students can look up to. I'll end with this plea to every citizen in our community that has read these words: Please pray for our school district. Pray for our students, our teachers, our administrators, our school board and our community.

Thank you.

J.R. Day

Washburn, Missouri