Letter to the Editor

UN is usurping power from the U.S.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Dear Editor:

Recently Ted Turner and the United Nations Foundation made the claim that 82 percent of Americans support the UN and want a stronger UN. This poll was bought and paid for by their foundation. Who really believes that number?

Let us see just what the UN has done for the United States. . . The UN oil for food scandal has been called the biggest scandal in human history, enriching Kofi Anan and his cronies. The UN claims its international criminal court is the SUPREME judicial authority in the world, superseding even our own Supreme Court. It is pushing for authority to tax United States citizens on an individual basis despite the fact that the United States pays a full 25 percent of their entire operating budget.

And by the way, Kofi Anan now wants billions to build a posh NEW building plus millions to renovate the 11-story existing building which the United States built for the UN in New York. Talk about gall. So far by unconstitutional agreements and treaties, they have usurped authority over 52 million acres of American National Parks and monuments . . . never mind that our constitution gives Congress the power to regulate park lands.

Usurping this power is the sole aim of the UN so as to be the SUPREME SOVEREIGN NATION in the world. After that goal is reached, they will have the power to tax us. They can field an army, establish the supreme judicial court, and thumb their noses at us.

This foundation serves as the official mouthpiece for the purpose of building public support in our public schools to teach and pervert our civics books to promote the UN constitution, NOT our precious constitution. Already 500 schools have these books.

Ask your senators and representatives. Write them of your outrage. Has the Law of the Sea Treaty been ratified in the Senate? Senator Lugar is pushing hard to get this signed. The very people we have elected are GIVING our sovereignty away. This treaty would give the UN authority over 75 percent of every inch of water, sea and oceans. One of their most recent goals is to usurp 50 percent of all American land to be made into a wilderness area.

Can you name one good thing this evil Empire has done for the United States? If they succeed in this massive power grab, it will be the sovereign government in the world . . . a government that is NOT elected, a government that has no rival, a government that answers to NO ONE. If this is not an evil empire, what is?

There is talk of reforming the UN. Don't be misled by that talk. This is an enterprise that HATES the United States as much as North Korea or Iran. This body was organized to bring peace to the world. What a travesty.

There are more evil dictators and more wars right now than at any time in history. We MUST get out of this criminal enterprise NOW before they bankrupt us, and also for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and certainly to protect our own sovereignty. Please write your elected officials if you agree.


Lucy McNamara

Eagle Rock, Missouri