Old tradition returns to EHS

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Colt Higgs and deAnna Harris were crowned Mr. and Miss EHS at Exeter High School's first annual EHS ceremony on Jan. 13.

"In lieu of dedicating the yearbook this year, we decided to go with the old tradition of Mr. and Miss Annual," said Theresa Blackburn, Exeter yearbook sponsor. "All of the middle school and high school students voted."

During a week of annual activities leading up to the EHS ceremony, students engaged in a money war by donating money to their favorite sponsor.

At the beginning of the EHS ceremony, Exeter High School Principal Robert Taylor was recognized as the winner of the sponsor money war.

Instead of a crown, Taylor was awarded with an honorary position in the gymnasium for the assembly. Yearbook staff members duct-taped Taylor to the back of the Exeter High School gym wall.

Yearbook staff members also sponsored an obstacle course race between each of Exeter's seven student clubs. Students from each club were preselected to compete in the race.

The top two winners faced off in a chubby bunny marshmallow contest to determine the winner of the club war.

Trenton Vanzandt, who represented the student council, and James Pyles, who represented the Thespian Troupe, were able to stuff several marshmallows into their cheeks and repeat the words "chubby bunny," but Pyles used one more marshmallow and won the event for the Thespian Troupe.

Exeter High School Class of 2006 seniors, who competed in the race for the EHS crown, were introduced to the student body before the coronation ceremony.

"Each senior was sponsored by a club," said Blackburn. "At the ceremony, they were asked to dress either professionally or in the way that best represents their club."

Kendra Divine and Higgs represented FFA by dressing as an elderly redneck couple. A third representative, Randi Lowe, wore formal FFA dress for the ceremony.

Megan Chadd, Janelle Scott and Michael Steward personified Future Business Leaders of America by dressing in formal business attire with cellular telephones and hands-free connections.

The academic team was represented by Sammy Bordoy and Adriana Campos. Bordoy and Campos dressed as free spirited naturalists and donned a peaceful attitude toward the roaring Exeter student body.

Becky Husky and Amanda Phillips were the National Honor Society representatives. The sophisticated pair dressed in country club tennis attire and carried fake martinis.

The Thespian Troupe's Wizard of Oz theme was represented by Harris and Kendale Savage. Harris, also known as Dorothy, wore a checkered dress and braided pigtails. Savage personified the scarecrow in overalls and a straw hat.

Lia Lee represented the student council in business attire. The Exeter Chess Club's medieval theme was represented by Tiffany Bowman and Robert Hall. Bowman wore a crown and carried a magic wand. Hall rode into the assembly on a stick pony, carrying a large foil covered shield.

Winners Higgs and Harris will be featured in the 2005-06 Exeter yearbook. Higgs is the son of Brent and Sheila Higgs, of Exeter. Harris is the daughter of Brenda Prier, of Exeter.

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