Letter to the Editor

Maybe fireworks

Thursday, January 19, 2006

should be banned

Dear Editor:

New Year's Eve, when citizens in the Shell Knob area started shooting off fireworks, I called the Sheriff's office to report the problem. If I remember correctly, I called around 6:30 p.m. I gave them the location where the fireworks were being exploded. They said they would check it out. At 1 a.m. Jan. 1, fireworks were still being exploded.

I realize that it takes a special kind of detective to find these fireworks. However, there are a few helpful clues. First, there is a huge BOOM. If the detective has good sound localization and looks in the direction of the noise, he will be rewarded by seeing a big flash of fireworks that mark the exact area where people are breaking the law. These two things can be observed for miles. The other clue is the wrappers and clutter that are often left in the general area.

Last October, I called the Sheriff to report the same people for shooting of fireworks between 12 and 1 a.m. The dispatcher said someone from the Sheriff's Department would return my call. It has been three months and no one returned my call.

Is it a good idea to give children and teens access to explosives? In a time where more and more people are looking for materials to make explosive devices for terrorism, why would we sell explosives to the general public?

Last, loud fireworks terrify both domestic and wild animals.

Since some people do not honor the burn ban and since our law enforcement agencies prefer to wait until there is an actual fire before they investigate, perhaps it would be in everyone's best interest to ban fireworks entirely in the state of Missouri. Seasonal fireworks displays prepared by professionals are a beautiful, safe way for all of us to celebrate special events.

I cherish my view of the lake. It is unthinkable that all this beauty could disappear because people refuse to follow the laws and guidelines. Most of our laws are to protect us from unreasonable people.

The citizens in Berry County and Missouri need better protection than we are getting. Other states have difficulty banning fireworks because of the vast amount of dollars fireworks companies spend with lobby groups. I hope there are some fair-minded legislators in Missouri who will take action based on what is best for the general public.


Nelda Kibby

Shell Knob, Missouri